Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well summer is just about gone.Time just seems to fly so quickly.I looked at my Saturday and said where did all the time go!Two trips(count them,two) to the supermarket,a haircut,phone calls,playing with both my boys,snippets of college football,etc.I am finally getting to talk with you men.One thing that I have learned is to enjoy your journey.Do not wait to get to that one point in life where you can relax,or feel you are now successful.ENJOY THE JOURNEY.SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY,NOT A DESTINATION.The late plane flights,the in-laws coming over,the cancelled date with the young lady you have been telling all your friends,about,etc.Don't worry.Life IS going to always get bigger and better for you if you just learn to enjoy the journey.Have a great holiday weekend.I will speak to you real soon.

Sanford Ashley


Blogger Epay said...

Leaving comments is the action of supporting blogger!It's my honor to be the first-viewer of your blog.I agree that we need a band of brothers to succeed.So I opened a team-blog with my friends to improve my English.I'm glad to invite you join us!

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Blogger Sanford Ashley said...

Hi epay sn.Welcome aboard!!It is an honor to have you as the first blogger.I will definitely make sure my English is correct now!:-)I will chat with you soon.

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