Wednesday, September 06, 2006


That's right..GOAL GETTING!!Not just setting them,but reaching and soaring above them.Many of you say every year that this year is going to be my year,and nothing happens.Have you ever wondered why?I truly believe that the root of goals not being hit is DOUBT.Doubt is that little seed that grows and festers in the heart.Once that starts to happen,your heart hardens and you simply become fearful of attempting anything.Well,TODAY YOU GET A BRAND NEW START!!Yes,YOU CAN LIVE A LIFE FULL OF GOAL ATTAINMENT.Let's look at it as a baseball game.
FIRST BASE: ERASE ALL DOUBT.Know that you can,and will win and reach your goals that are set.Get the vision in your mind of where you want to end up.See yourself winning.
SECOND BASE: SET THE PLAN.Set goals in various areas of your life.These are some areas to help you.
Relational and Spiritual
Physica land Business/Career
Financial and Community/Public Service
Use the SMART Matrix(Specific,Measurable,Attainable,Reachable,Timely).Anything you monitor will improve.
THIRD BASE:WORK YOUR PLAN.Get going!!Set one goal per area to start and get practical.Buy the mutual fund,start going for that morning jog,ask the young lady out,just do it.
HOME BASE:SCORE!!You achieve ONE goal,then that is great.Treat and reward yourself.Buy that new suit,go to see the team you have always wanted to see,take a weekend trip to the mountains.REWARD YOURSELF!!
Do not get disouraged if you fail.Get right back up,be courageous,and get going again.You will be amazed at what will happen.
Sanford Ashley
P.S Let me know how you are doing.


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