Monday, September 11, 2006


I was recently asked by a gentleman of how I keep it all together?Writing books ,speaking,husband ,daddy,mentor and whatever other hats that I wear.My answer was simple:I don't keep it all together.That's what keeps me seeking wisdom and knowledge on how to be keep my marriage alive and well.It is safe to say that just as you do not want to plateau in any other areas of your life,you better make sure you do not take your wife for granted.So how do you safeguard yourself from being complacent?First,make your wife priority.Next to God,my wife comes next.I have to consistently be aware of her needs emotionally and physically.Secondly,LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE!Do not try to be the answer man when she is speaking.She simply just wants you to listen to her.Then you speak.She will reward you in great ways.(Trust me).Thirdly,always date your wife.Once per month you pencil in time with her,from a movie to dinner to just a stroll in the park.It sounds mushy and corny,but YOU must be intentional in keeping the marriage vibrant.This has worked well for me.What has worked for you?

Sanford Ashley


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